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In 1994 the city of Fort Worth gave birth to an organization comprised of about 25 men. These men came from different walks of life and a vast array of backgrounds. After witnessing firsthand the rising challenges that face our young people UMOJA was born. The men of UMOJA step forward in an effort to begin mentoring to both boys and girls, realizing in spite of their various race, ethnicity or religion they all face the same problems and challenges.

UMOJA has come to understand that our youth were being plagued with gangs, drugs and violence in our community and the need for male mentors was greatly increasing. UMOJA started out working in five schools in the Fort Worth Independent School District; we have since grown to eleven with the possibility of more on the horizon. The men of UMOJA have since been instrumental in having a great impact on the lives of hundreds of youth and having played a direct part in their success. Many students’ lives have been saved through direct intervention of our program. The proof is in the testimony of those individuals who have grown up and now have families and children of their own. There are no greater words than those of someone who says UMOJA literally saved my life, when I thought gang banging was what I wanted, they helped me see that it wasn’t.”
Suspension Class The Man in the Mirror
Rites of Passage Program Home Visits Due to Attendance
Parent and Student Counseling Specific Needs Tutoring
Conflict Resolution Program UMOJA Drug Awareness  Program
S.E.T.C.L.A.E. Program (Behavior problems)
Additional programs may be added dependent upon the needs of the school, student or family
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Image 1 is from the 2013 Site Director Appreciation event and Images 2 and 3 are from the 2013 Teacher and Staff Appreciation event,

In looking at the history of the educational system and the challenges it faces in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area, it is evident that problems inside and outside the school environment have had a negative effect on some students, which has negatively affected their ability to make good decisions. These conditions make them vulnerable to ridicule, ostracized by peers and in some cases, causes long term negative consequences. As a result of these issues, our society is facing a number of discipline issues that have negatively impacted students and teachers, not only in the DFW area, but across our Nation.

UMOJA since its conception has continued to have an impact on our youth and to play a vital part in struggle for success. We have partnered and collaborated with many organizations, churches and local and government businesses in an effort to give our youth every chance possible to reach for higher heights. UMOJA was continue to do all that we can teach our children and help to pave the way as those great leaders who have gone before us.

  There are no greater words than those of someone who say’s “UMOJA literally saved my life, when I thought gang banging was what I wanted, they helped me see that it wasn’t.”  
     UMOJA Brothers  
  Staff members: top row - Bruce Lee (Site Director), Johnny Muhammad (President), 3, Jamar Muhammad
                        middle row - Alvertis Muhammad (Vice-President), 2, Stephen Muhammad (Secretary), Chase Liggins (Site Director)
                        bottom row - Mike Muhammad (Site Director), Luther Perry (Co-Founder), Carlos Duke (Vice President)
UMOJA is comprised of 20 African-American men from a rainbow coalition of careers and professions. They are the fathers and peace-keepers of their community and for this reason, they have been able to continue to achieve success through the use of the processes developed by the organization.
Each site director is trained in the curriculums that are taught to the students at each site. In addition, each site director is required to attend school training sessions offered to the staff. All site directors are knowledgeable of school policies and procedures and support them. All site directors undergo a thorough background investigation. UMOJA provides site directors that are able to adjust to the school environment and culture in order to work successfully with school staff. In the unlikely event a site director and principal cannot work together to resolve conflicts, the site director will be replaced with a director that is more suitable to the school culture.
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