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The typical processing time for World Education Services (WES) evaluations is approximately seven (7) business days from the day that a completed “Application” (including all required documents, information and full payment of fees) is received by WES and compiled for internal review and processing.  Processing times may vary depending on a number of  factors, including but not limited to the volume of applications that WES has received, the complexity of the application, and other factors.

Evaluations require complete documentation of all formal foreign educational credentials. Document requirements are specific to each country. Do not send original documents to WES. All documents received become the property of WES and will not be released to the applicant. For requirements by country of education, click here.

WES reserves the right to not evaluate documents from certain institutions.

WES Procedures and Policies:

  • Document Verification: WES reserves the right to verify documents with issuing institution(s) at any time. WES uses reasonable efforts to verify documents for authenticity based upon the best information available to WES and WES’s best judgment.   
  • Requests for additional documentation after initial review of application: If documentation submitted is incomplete or additional information is required in order to prepare an accurate evaluation report, WES will issue a document request. WES reserves the right to have official records sent directly to our office by the issuing institution, and/or to verify documents with issuing institution(s) at any time. An evaluation report will be prepared only after all requested material has been received to the satisfaction of WES.  WES reserves the right to refuse to prepare an evaluation report for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Forged/altered documents: If it has been determined that any document submitted includes factual inaccuracies or has been altered, forged, or tampered with, WES reserves the right to cancel the application without notice to the applicant.  Upon cancellation, the documents in question, including originals, shall become the property of WES and no evaluation report will be prepared. All recipients indicated on the application form and other appropriate authorities will be notified. The application fee from these forged/altered documents and applications will not be refunded.  In cases where WES, as part of a quality control or other review process, determines that any document related to a previously issued evaluation report includes factual inaccuracies or has been altered, forged, or tampered with, the evaluation report will be rescinded. All recipients of the rescinded evaluation report and other appropriate authorities will be notified.
  • Documents from institutions that are not legitimate: If it has been determined that any document submitted for evaluation was obtained from an institution that is not legitimate, WES will issue a report indicating that the document and institution are not legitimate. NO OTHER EVALUATION REPORT WILL BE ISSUED FOR THAT APPLICATION. All recipients indicated on the application form and other appropriate authorities will be notified. The application fee will not be refunded.
  • Translations: Applicants must submit clear and legible copies of precise, word-for-word translations for any document not issued in English. To have your documents translated into English, you may contact University Language Services, Inc. (ULS) at 1-800-419-4601 (outside the U.S., call 212-766-4111) or any certified translation service of your choice. This information is provided for your convenience only. All arrangements must be made directly with the translation service. Please keep your original translation, WES does not return them to you. WES does not provide translation services.
  • Evaluation recognition: Most applicants are referred to WES by academic institutions, government agencies, licensing boards, or employers. When this is not the case, applicants are advised to consult with the institution, licensing board, or agency to which they intend to submit the report to confirm that a report from WES will be recognized and accepted. No refunds will be granted if the receiving entity does not accept the evaluation.
  • Advisory opinion: The evaluation reports provided by WES are advisory in nature and are not binding upon any institution or agency. Only the receiving institution can determine whether the applicant meets their requirements for admission or credit transfer.   
  • Reassessments of educational equivalencies: Evaluations are based upon the best information and resources currently available to professional evaluators in North America. WES reserves the right to reassess educational equivalencies as additional information becomes available.   
  • Change from Course-by-Course to Document-by-Document report: If WES determines that a Course-by-Course evaluation report cannot be prepared, a Document-by-Document report will be issued and the difference in fees will be refunded.
  • Electronic delivery: Many institutions and boards receive WES reports electronically, and in some cases, this may be the only method of delivery. In such cases, the delivery fee still applies.
  • File cancellations: A $50 processing fee applies upon cancellation. Completed evaluations cannot be cancelled and are not subject to a refund.
  • Returned checks:  All returned checks are subject to a $50 fee.
  • Deactivation of applications: All applications that remain incomplete 180 days after the payment date of the original application will, at the sole discretion of WES, be deemed “inactive.” No refunds or credits will be issued once the application is deemed inactive.
  • Reactivation of applications: A new $50 reactivation fee will be required to be paid to reactivate / reopen and further process applications that have been deemed inactive. Reactivated applications must be completed within 180 days of the reactivation payment date or they will be deemed inactive. Reactivated applications are subject to all other Terms & Conditions.
  • Original documents:WES discourages submission of original academic documents. Any original documents received by WES will not be returned and will be destroyed by WES at its sole discretion.